what had to come out ...

Music has always been there, music is always there and will always be there. In my head, around me, in encounters, in nature, especially in my feelings. I understand the world and myself much better through music. I have always consumed, strummed, plucked, sung along, whistled along, rocked out at concerts, played various roles in musicals, created beautiful harmonies in choirs and covered favorite songs with bands.

But there have always been melodies, rhythms and lyrics  ideas in my head that just wouldn’t go away. Again and again and then in English – no, no, German? That just didn’t work! For years, musical snippets kept coming out, but everyday life got in the way.  Since I have a full-time job , the only time to throw myself into music is after work. The time was missing, the muse never!

Time brought the pandemic in 2021. On the one hand very sad, on the other just beautiful. During this time, I did not have any gigs and I missed the music, bathing in harmonies, getting into the whole variety of tones and grooves. But, how do I go about it? I had no clue how to turn my little snippets of music into real songs. As a kid, I actually learned to play classical piano once, strictly following music in a sheet of paper. Exactly, what I didn’t want to do with my music!

And then there is music!

Then I just sat down, picked up some keys and sang to it. Without limitations, without a specified method and without a clue! It’s just funny that the songs sounded completely different in my head. In addition to ballads and songs with a lot of piano, there were electric guitars, lots of bass and drums, percussion and yes, even organ and synths, strings and brass. Great, but what now?

I needed HELP!  We are lucky that in today’s world there are Digital Audio Workstations, DAWs for short. Somewhere I still had an ancient version of Cubase lying around, only issue is that this is a fully developed professional recording software. But I wanted to make music! Again, HELP! After doing some research in the Internet, I realized help wasn’t far away! I met the Jan Kalt in his “screw factory“, who gave me some lessons in Cubase. Within a few weeks, a whole new world opened up to me. After this, I went shopping – in typical female fashion: a Macbook, an audio interface, a large monitor, monitoring boxes, headphones, controllers, microphone preamps, a midi keyboard and the centerpiece – my Neumann TLM 49. Now I could implement all my ideas!

Thanks to great plugins, I was able to simulate all the instruments and record them through the midi keyboard and arrange the songs the way I wanted first and pre-produce them accordingly. Yes, I also programmed the drums – that was the most fun! So one song after the other came into being and there was always a motto – it couldn’t get boring!

Who would have thought that I would become a producer and start to produce music in my early 40s! And my own music! Slowly I realized that I could fulfil a lifelong dream – my own album.

Somehow the songs sounded quite well, and somehow, I was able to inspire a few musician friends. It became clear very quickly – there had to be real musicians on the album. The songs simply deserved this! Starting with Kosho, Marcel Millot, Bob Kachler, Raphael LaMarché, Paul Fuerst and Andie Heim, I had great support and was allowed to tinker almost endlessly with sounds and effects, choirs and grooves. Always with competent support from Jan Kalt. And yes, you read correctly – many vocals I have recorded at home in my closet.

Bursting with pride I want to introduce my songs to you


And now I’m going to share it with you piece by piece. Have fun listening to them!
And I wish that I’ll be allowed to perform them live sometime in the near future.

As previously said – this had to come out!

What does it take to change? Will you dare to give up some comfort?

First it may feel strange, but it will set you free, it will set you free!