And then there is music!

My music is Pop rock ...

My music is Pop rock – or more precisely modern Pop rock. Sometimes with power, sometimes soft and influences ranging from alternative to musical to world music. With a noticeable homage to Alanis Morissette.

I have also started working with artists to realize their songs. My vision is to show a way to get from the first song idea to the complete song. Young female musicians in particular are often afraid to get to grips with technology and boldly tweak knobs.

These days, it’s much easier than you think and I help with the first steps and accompany you all the way to the finished song on your album. As a coach, songwriter and producer.

I’m pursuing another main job because parents and common sense drove me into business after school. Nevertheless, I have always been a musician as an ambitious hobby or rather second job. My big goal is to turn my second job into my first job and to be able to make a living with music and as a producer – not easy in my early 40s!

But first a brief review…

Dance like you’ve never danced before. Who knows when your music will fade.

Live like you’ve never lived before. Take your time and don’t be afraid.